Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farmer's Wife week 15


These blocks were a BLAST to make.  Such a nice break from the super difficult blocks from the past.

I love that I get to use the fabrics from my Summer Sampler, now that it's complete, they are fair game!


My goal for the Farmer's Wife Sampler is to use lots of scraps from other quilts, and only a few fabrics purchased expressly for it.  My reasoning is that since this quilt will be taking a year, I want it have bits and pieces from everything I worked on.  It's going to be a big jumble of colors when I'm done and I have no idea about assembly yet but I'm sure it will all pull together in the end.  So far I'm thinking that a traditional layout will not work, and to try something different.

I am very excited to say I'm going on vacation tomorrow!  Next posts should be from the Outer Banks, NC.  From the beach!  Hooray!  No quilting, but I have some other crafty things in mind... 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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suemac said...

Hope you have a nice vacation.