Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The cutest backpack ever

When we last were chatting I was working my way through the Oliver+S book...


Next stop on the Oliver+S book, a tiny small backpack!  I was originally going to make her the sweet little messenger bag, but she took a shining a backpack in the house.  It's way too big for her, but she enjoys to put it on, wave at me and say "bye bye, I'm going to school"  then about 30 seconds later comes running back.  She's such a sweetie.


The backpack is made from some pre-washed dark denim, the flowers were cut out and appliqued from this jazzy upholstery fabric that i bought at Ikea, it was originally going to be the messenger bag, but the print is just too big for the little bag, so I had a blast cutting out the colorful flowers for her little backpack.  The lining is some red fabric from ikea, it's heavier than quilting cotton but not quite upholstery weight.  I top stitched the entire thing with red thread, it looks so nice.



The silver clips were ordered from Etsy, I of course selected the retailer from Hong Kong so they took a month to get here, but they were perfect!

I am really proud how this came out, and can't believe how big my little girl is getting!


justmejay said...

I love this - the flowers are just perfect :-)

Jennifer Heath said...

Darling. Such a creative application of the pattern. I have thought of making it as an owl.