Friday, April 1, 2011

The Big Reveal and an 8 month old baby

Isabella turned eight months old this week.  It is hard to believe that she hasn't been in our family forever; and that she will get bigger and grow up.  We have cats, they start small and stay small and are always our little babies.  Somehow I just can't believe that our tiny little small (who isn't that tiny anymore) is going to become a large person.  This last month she has begun to crawl, and pull herself up on EVERYTHING.  If it's on a low table, it is now within her reach.  Needless to say there is a lot less clutter lying around.
All that aside.  I finished my bed makover!  I think it looks really nice.  I clearly have much to learn about quilting, becuase there are lots and lots of mistakes, but this was relatively inexpensive, and took two weeks to complete.  That kind of instant gratification makes me very happy.

The pattern for the quilt can be found here.  The euro-pillow covers and the small pillow were out of my head, and there is no pattern, but they were relatively simple and I did all straight line quilting because it looks fresh and modern.   (The euro pillows are my favorite part)

All told I used 7 fabrics, 3/4 of a yard each, 2/3 of a yard of lavender fleece and 5.5 yards of powder blue fleece, and one ikea king sized contour bed sheet.  I used every usable piece of that bed sheet. I have nothing usable left.  I can't tell it's a sheet, it looks exactly like quilting cotton to me, but heck, what do I know?

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