Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spinach Green vs. Powder Blue

After completing the front, and talking to my husband about the back (read: I am discussing the back and he is working on the computer, periodically saying "baby this is your project, I'm sure it will look beautiful") I decided that fleece would make a fantastic back!  Remember we have already deviated from traditional quilting to a "bed covering" so I can do whatever I want.  I was thinking about the quilt I made for Isabella, and it has a fleece back and is just so nice.  There are also cost advantages,  fleece is 60" wide so I only need 5.5 yards and it's super cheap and on sale since it's March and it's warm where I live.

So that left one question, color... Fleece is somewhat limited, and at the end of the season it's even more limited, so I was ready to do whatever,  I ended up picking spinach green fleece.  Has anyone other than me noticed that the lighting in Joann fabrics is totally odd.   It's this weird fluorescent light that makes colors look totally different than they might actually be, specifically it makes them look more mellow than they really are.

So what I thought was a pretty spring green was really SUPER BRIGHT GREEN!!!!! not cute, not pretty, not good.  So instead of making 10 kermit the frog costumes I returned it!  Yes Joann actually returns cut fabric, who knew.  I settled on Powder Blue, which is so much softer and prettier.  It looks great in the room and was a very nice squishy fleece.

Kitties like to test out the blanket, make sure it's good for naps.

I don't like seams on the back so I put this little bit of trim that breaks up the seams and is a nod to the front.  I'm still using my original pile of fabric which makes me proud.  I think I can get one small quilted pillow of of the last bits of the remnants.

I will now sandwich these two ENORMOUS pieces of fabric and attempt to quilt them using my normal little sewing machine.  I have read some techniques involving rolling and unrolling fabric making it easier to manage, but I have NEVER done this before.  Luckily this is meant to be quick and inexpensive and however it comes out I'm sure I can style the bed so it looks great :)

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