Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Walking Foot or A Beautiful Quilt for Isabella

It's not patchwork, it's 2 pieces of fabric that I bought on sale at Joann fabrics, one "simply silky print" (which is a nice way of saying polyester) and some thick red fleece.  It is crazy rainbow colored.  I love rainbow colored, it's also very soft and because it has quilt batting it's also going to be warm.  It also happens to match her stroller.  The light yellow binding isn't my first pick, I wanted off white, but it didn't exist and since this fabric was on clearance, and can not be purchased anymore, making my own binding (which I have never done before) wasn't an option.  But it's raining here and light yellow is fun, so there it is.  I also used variegated thread, that was rainbow colored, if there wasn't enough color already. 

I have successfully quilted them together!  Those lines are 1.5" apart...  In the past I have sewn lots of things together, but the idea of actually quilting seemed crazy.  How do you get the lines so straight? and evenly spaced?   How do the layers stay together?

The answer - a sewing machine walking foot.

This is an enormous foot that is expensive and complicated looking, but wow does it ever work beautifully.  I now realize what has been missing all these years.  It comes with attachments that allow the quilter to make perfect straight evenly spaced lines!  Where was this when I was making the heirloom chenille quilt, wow, all that nonsense of painters tape and rulers and struggling this makes it a cinch!

I learned how to put blanket binding on last project, and this time I got the hang of mitered corners.  There is a great reference here, now I finished it by hand, but someday I will get brave and finish by machine.

I have now put some fun links on the side of my blog, one is for the quilt blog I have been reading and re-reading since I love her stuff, and the other for my friend Amy's photography site.  She is a genius, and after her post many months ago about her expensive camera equipment and how it really made a difference I am now looking into proper equipment and techniques. 

I'm assuming  all of you are already reading the hilarious posts on ohhenrythomas

And lastly, I was hoping for a very cute shot of Isabella snuggling in the blanket, but the 10 seconds it took me to adjust for the shot, this is as good as it got :)  Computer cords are super fun.

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