Tuesday, March 22, 2011

King-Sized Fun

While in the fabric store,  I casually mentioned that I was going to use some sheets from Ikea.  WELL this is apparently the worst thing I could ever do.  Quilting purists feel that sheets are just not appropriate, and why would you put all that work into something that was made of sub-standard materials, specifically cheap sheets.

 Hmmph.  I want this to be inexpensive and quick, I am not creating an heirloom but a trendy bed covering that at some point will turn into a blanket we use at the beach.  Sheets are huge and I already own them, so therefore have renamed this project from "quilt" to "bed covering".  Now all the quilting purists can relax.

The top is finished, and looks great, sheets and all.  In reality it's just the contour sheet that I cut up, the flat sheet is still in tact, and will not be used for the back as originally planned.  I have some other ideas.

It took longer than I anticipated to get the composition of the stripes looking good, not repeating vertically or horizontally in an annoying way.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  It is SO much easier to cut things out of pretty half yard chunks than random scraps.   Stack.  Cut.  Done.

This picture was taken not for the blog (but it is handy...) but due to a small mobile baby and 2 kitties my fabric squares would not have stayed like this for very long at all!  As it turns out I made the spaces in between the strips much wider than the original pattern called for, I went to 7" instead of 5.  I thought it looked better on the larger quilt.

I have a great idea for the back, should be done in a few days.  I am both excited and apprehensive about the actual quilting portion of this project.  This is a huge blanket, and I want it to turn out nice.

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