Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful Things and New Beginnings

My latest find at the fabric store.  I'm very excited to turn these from just piles of beautiful color into something useful and beautiful that I and others can be proud of.

I love colors.  LOVE them.  I like the mixing and matching.  I get so overwhelmed with the colors when I go to a yarn store, or a fabric store.  I always need to have a list and focus before I go in, or else 4 hours will elapse and I will have a basket full of colorful things that will have no real purpose but for me to admire.

I can always tell what type of mood I'm in by the colors I pick when I'm out shopping.  The brighter and friendlier they are the happier I am.  I am capable of purchasing subdude colors and putting together sophisticated color pallettes, my house for example isn't red and yellow, but when it comes to accessories they are simply a reflection of my mood, dark and somber, mellow and relaxed, subtle and sophisticated or energetic and cheery!

I am starting a new phase in my life, Mom will be my primary job title and my job description will become more varied.  I have some idea that I might be able to parlay my love of color into more than just a hobby.  This blog will continue to celebrate my love of color, be it fair isle, or fabrics.

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