Friday, March 4, 2011

An Heirloom Chenille Blanket

All finished and looking beautiful!

When last I checked in, over a week ago,  I had completed the sewing on my blanket, and had the cutting and binding left.

WELL the cutting was so nerve-wracking I had to take a break and wait for my chenille cutter to come in.  It finally arrived on Tuesday and I very quickly was able to cut all the lines.  I highly recommend getting some sort of tool if you want to make this project.  I figure if my dad always buy a new tool to complete a home improvement project, why shouldn't I. 

Pre-washing but with cut lines
So lines are cut! My binding is ready to go, since I pre-cut and ironed it to make this part as quick as possible and begin enjoying my new blanket.  So in traditional form I just wing it.  I pin it all the way around and proceed to try and top stitch it on.  This is a HUGE fail!!  I really really need to look things up before just attempting them.  After an emergency email to my friend  who is better at sewing than I am, she very calmly explains how to do it.  When I was pretty sure I had no idea what she was talking about, she just did the first part for me on my sewing machine.  I get it now, and was able to hand-stitch the other side.  If you have never bound anything then you don't understand, oh well, perhaps it's better that way.

So now it's DONE, and looks great!  The back has fluffed up some but I think there is a long way to go.  I wll just throw it in the wash alot over the next couple of weeks and watch it get softer and fluffier.

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