Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fiber means more than yarn

Lately I haven't really felt much like knitting.  I'm working on the Gaptastic cowl that I found on Ravelry, it looks awesome and by the time it's done it will be too warm to wear it, but that's OK it will be there for me next winter.

So I've been sewing.  The thing about sewing is in the amount of time it would take me to knit the toe of a sock, I can make an entire sewing project.  I have a small cute baby and my pockets of time are very small and scattered.

Currently I am working on the chenille blanket \

I used blue painter's tape to make the 1/2" spaced lines.  I can sew neither evenly spaced lines nor straight lines and this tape solved both problems.  It sticks and resticks dozens of times so there isn't much of waste!

I started cutting using my scissors, but it was SO nerve racking, I am just terrified that I'm going to cut through the fabric on the bottom.  It took about 4 hours to make all of those diagonal lines, it was very tedious and I'm not sure I have the fortitude to repeat it.  So instead I made my 1/2 " binding and that's all ready to go as I wait for the fancy cutting tool to arrive.   It wasn't prime on Amazon, so I have no idea when it will show up.

You can see my quilted lines, thank you blue painter's tape!

So much cutting!  It would be the worst if i ripped the front so I'm waiting for the tool.

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