Sunday, November 28, 2010


Oh it's nothing earth shattering, I was very much looking forward to knitting the rainbow scarf by Eline Sanders as it's so beautiful.  I bought Kauni Effektgarn in EQ the rainbow colorway and I was so excited.  I vaguely remembered doing a double knit belt for a sweater long ago, and it was super easy so I thought it wold be like riding a bike.

Then I delayed the gratification by knitting my Dad some socks, this was necessary and he loves them :)  ... and because I was traveling I decided to finish the other Pomatomus sock.  I had knit the companion last March, and after completing the first sock I found out I was having a girl and immediately began to knit things for her.  So it was time.  Besides the yarn and sock turned out gorgeous and i'm happy to have the pair.

Well I am feeling very good.  I have finished all projects that I wanted to before starting a NEW project and I'm at my parents house so I have some babysitting help and a nice block of time to figure this pattern out and get rolling before I head home and start knitting in 15 min spurts agin.

As it turns out double knitting is not for me.  I do not know how to knit continental (I want to learn, but it seems I should already be proficient at that before attempting this project).  My attempts have created double knit fabric, but the tension is really horrid, and it looks so sloppy.  This yarn is also a tad rough, I'm not sure I'd like it all snuggled next to my neck.

So I'm disappointed.  I was SO excited for his scarf it's totally beautiful.  Alas.  It isn't to be.

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