Thursday, November 11, 2010

Riff Socks - the beginning

This is an experiment, instead of just showing a pretty finished object, i'm going to blog along while knitting these socks.  I'm taking a risk because if they completely fail I can't just put them away and pretend it didn't happen. :)

They are for my Dad.  It is cold in Upstate NY (and I mean actual upstate, not 10 min outside NYC), and a person needs some extra covering at night.  He always asks for bright colored socks so that they are easier to see in the dark.  The day I find glow in the dark sock yarn I will be using that!  Since he goes through one pair each winter, I tend to make a simple pattern that is both fun and quick to knit.

It came down to the "An American in China" socks on Knitty and "Riff".  The yarn I was using is nowhere near sport weight, so Riff won.

I'm using Schoppel Wolle Zauberball.  It's bright red and looks like this:

Here are all my gauge details
2.5 mm needles
8.5 st/inch
11.5 rounds/inch

Don't worry folks I didn't do a swatch, but in Cat Bordhi style I used the toe to determine if i was doing it right!  My round gauge isn't right so I had to make some adjustments.  I am finding that with her book you can make any sock pattern with any yarn.

I am making a size 9-9.5 socks with 8" finished circumference (size Large).  This sock is going to be a gift for my Dad.  Luckily he doesn't read my blog unless I indicate that he should.  So I don't think i'll ruin the surprise by posting.

As of now I'm going to use the following measurements to complete the foot/heel turn/heel.  I will probably make a reinforced heel since my dad always wears through his socks, but we'll see.

toe = 3.5 inches
gusset = 4.5" =  51 rows  (increases every 3rd row) - could be done every other row(34 rows) for a 3" instep
heel turn = 2 inches = 22 rows

These were all calculated using basic math and hopefully will mean my sock comes out the right size.

Luckily saw some folks on ravelry having trouble and stopped, when my toe was about 3" so IO was able to grab the Cat Bordhi book and figure out what I needed to do to make the sock work with my gauge and this yarn.  I love the twisted stitches!

I am having some issues with this yarn, it splits constantly, I'm not sure I would use it again.  It is super soft and the socks have this really pretty halo so far.  BUT so do alot of other yarns that aren't so annoying. I'm so glad I didn't buy more of it, I was very close to getting a bunch of the purple and yellow colorway, now.... I'm going to try out Kauni instead.

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