Monday, November 15, 2010

Riff Socks - the middle

I sorted out the heel, turns out that the way I count I actually needed to back up 31 rows, not 32.  I determined (by virtually knitting the heel)  that if you count the row you were on as 1 then it's 32 rounds, if you don't, then it's 31 rounds.  I'm really literal and that distinction can mean needing to rip back the entire heel,  I hope that helps someone out.

I also reversed the direction of the cross of the stitches. I like a true cable pattern that goes over under over under.  It doesn't change anything either.  Now that i'm on the leg it is moving along very nicely.

There is always the dilemma, do I use up all the yarn?  Or do I stop knitting when i'm ready.

This time I stopped after one repeat.  There is only one diamond on the foot so one on the leg made sense.  These are not intended to be knee socks, just something cozy to wear to bed.  I think they look really cool

I am so happy I redid the heel, they are so delightfully symetrical :)

I have completed the toe of the second sock.  I am happy to say the colors are coming out in reverse on the second sock.  These all have to be completed by the weekend!

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