Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top of the Quilt!

This is my first real attempt at a scrappy patchwork quilt.  I am really happy at how the top worked out, and when it's photographed from about 10 feet away it looks a lot like a stained glass window!   I used TONS of pins to make sure that everything lined up.  I am the kind of person who rushes through everything and then regrets that I didn't take a few more minutes to do something right.  So it was very painful for me to put as many pins in and check and double check like I did, but I'm SO glad I did. 

Now I need to start working on the back.  This is what I have.  (Cute baby not required to make a quilt)

Lately I have reading Elizabeth Hartmann's quilting blog, and I love what she does for the back of quilts, it's simple but not just a plain piece of fabric.  I just ordered her book, and may wait for that before I start cutting.  As you can see I don't have a lot to work with and will probably need every last bit.

What's cool is I still have so much fabric left from the original box that I think I could make at least one more quilt.  I probably won't do it next because I want to try something else with bigger pieces and other colors.

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