Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bed Makeover

While at the fabric store procuring a back for my Hawaii quilt, I bought supplies for my next project.

Isabella is always a huge help.

The first room of the house we decorated was the master bedroom.  I thought it was a good idea to wake up in a decorated space.  It would be soothing and then after everyone is awake and has their wits about them the rest of the undecorated/unfurnished house would await.  But that room would be a nice little oasis from it all.  Our first winter we were still on propane, which among other things is expensive, so since we were working most of the time, we treated our bedroom like a studio apartment, thereby saving ourselves some heating costs.

I didn't have any trouble with paint color and the furniture is really nice, and I like the room, but bedding... I've always had trouble,   Currently my bed looks like this:

Very Unremarkable

That is a on-sale duvet of micro-suede, those are some tone on tone euro-shams and boring sheets. Beige and white... I know it's hard to believe the person who picked out that red fabric could have such a large swath of beige in her house... but it's true!  The duvet is snuggly, warm and child/pet friendly, just not very exciting.   So for my next project I am going to give my bed a makeover!  I want it to be relatively easy to complete, be appropriate for the warm weather which is already upon us, and freshen up the room.   So from my favorite quilting blog I found this pattern.  It looks easy and modern. 

She is such a shy little girl.

I picked up some prints from the Central Park by Kate Spain by Moda,  some semi-solids of Fiber Weave by PB Studio and two batiks.  I bought 1/2 yard of the 7 fabrics.  This will definitely be enough to do a simple quilt, and ideally there will be enough left over to make two euro shams as well. 

I then rummaged through the linen closet and found a set of white king sized sheets from Ikea.

I have turned the contour sheet into a big piece of usable fabric (76x100"), this will be cut up to be patched into the front. The sheets were then washed and ironed.  Ugh I do not recommend ironing a king sized sheet.

Now the super fun part!  Piecing the colors and putting it all together!!  Stay Tuned!

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