Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hawaii Quilt - Complete!

It's Done!  I can't even believe it, five and a half years after I envisioned it I have completed it!   I am thrilled.

Baby and Hawaii Quilt

Hawaii Quilt

A friend of mine owns not one, but two long arm machines, she has graciously allowed me to use one of them whenever.  I went over and began to do the tight meander that I had seen so many times.  The issue... childcare.  I am the childcare, and Isabella wasn't all that cooperative while I was trying to quilt, and a babysitter in the middle of the day seemed impossible.  I was still breastfeeding... So with the quilt about 7/8 done on the longarm I had to abandon it, sad sad day.  My friend offered to finish it for me, and a few weeks ago she brought it over ALL DONE!!  It is so flat and smooth, my straight line quilting has improved, but it's not as nice as this yet, I still get puckers.

Close up front Hawaii quilt

Hawaii Quilt- chair

I am so excited and I MACHINE bound this!! I'm learning!  It's not so horrible!  This is my fifth attempt at machine binding and I may have finally gotten the hang of it.  Hooray! It feels so good to have this completed.

Back of Hawaii Quilt

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