Sunday, September 23, 2012

Multi-generational quilting!

As you know, my Mom has also gotten into quilting, and after going to the big quilt show near me she bought a bunch of fabric to make (another) queen sized quilt.  I keep trying to explain to her that beginners don't necessarily have to start with quilts that are 90x90, but no... if she's going to make it, it's going to go on the top of a bed.


Anyway, she slogged her way through 160 something small blocks using a really cool jelly roll of batiks and a shimmery fabric we found.  At the show she got a queen backer fabric of batik flannel in hot pinks and greens.

I offered to help her layout and sew together the top.  Wow, it took a long time - I am REALLY not a fan of this step -  it looks SPECTACULAR.  This quilt is destined to go in my old room at their house where we (J and I) stay when I visit.   It has since gotten a thin border in the background fabric, and a thick one in a dark pink batik.  I did convince her to send it out to be quilted, so we'll see the finished project in a few months :)

We also had lots of Grammy/Isabella time. :)

I do believe that quilting is definitely something best enjoyed multi-generationally.

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