Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quilt Expo!

I went to my first Quilting Expo on Friday.  It was HUGE!!  I had no idea.  It was the Quilters Unlimited of Northern VA and there were over 350 displayed quilts from the members not to mention the vendors from all over the country who had dozens of quilts on display.

Everyone should check out a quilt show at some point.  It is a breathtaking event, so many hours have been devoted to making these beautiful works of art.  The vendors were also a huge draw for me, my closest quilting shop is almost an hour away.  I was lamenting this as I spoke to the various vendors and scooped up lots of new fabric and quilting tools, and apparently this is a normal thing.  Quilt shops are going out of business all over the country.  Many of them are also on the internet and Etsy, but (much like yarn shops... where I have already experienced this precise phenomenon) the fabric markup isn't enough to really support a brick and mortar store.  It is harder to pick out fabrics online, and in my opinion sort of takes away some of the fun when I feel obliged to buy a pre-made bundle because I can't trust my monitor to match colors.  There is another expo in September.  I cannot wait!!

I was with the baby in the Ergo, she is a sweetie-pie and even managed to sleep a little bit while I was there.  Here are some of my favorite quilts!  (These were taken w/my phone with a baby trying to grab and chew my phone, so the quality isn't hot... but you get the idea.
The Artful Quilter - Kaffe Fassett Stripes!

Westminster floral fabrics... this pic doesn't do it justice

Quilt guild quilt.

This is a very modern arrangement with very traditional florals, the juxtaposition was beautiful

A colorful Irish Chain Quilt

Awesome modern snowflake quilt

a contender for a quilt for my mom

I love rainbow squares!

Fab use of jelly roll!
My circle quilt backing has arrived!  Hopefully that can be finished up this week!!

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