Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool and Educational Baby Knits!!

The Celestine, i think was intended to be a topper for a Christmas tree. This is a very cute idea, and someday I will perhaps make one out of white or yellow and do that. For now, it seems way more fun as a toy for babies to learn colors, counting, and an introduction to polyhedrons.

This Celestine, which is a dodecahedron, (a 12 sided polyhedron) was created using my leftover sock club yarn. I have been a member of the Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club since 2007. Until this year I faithfully got all my socks knitted, but alas that is another blog post. ANYWAY, there are remnants of those 18 balls of yarn which I was able to use to make this. It required 6 grams of yarn per point. So if you have sock yarn lying about, just get out your scale.

I used mainly the medium-weight yarn, but there are a few lightweights mixed in. When (more like if) I get done this years socks I should be able to make another that features the lightweight yarn primarily. The other thing is this looks really cool with striping sock yarn. Specifically mini-mochi from Crystal Palace, or Feliciti from Knit picks. Eventually I'd like to make one out of that as well. I suppose Noro Kuryeon would look cool as well.

My baby girl isn't quite old enough to hold this yet or play with it, but expect pictures the moment she is!

This was the first thing I knitted after i came home from the hospital, and I found that I had enough time, and inclination while getting 3 hours of sleep at a time to knit a point here and there. It made me feel like myself again. I knew having a baby would change my life, but during the change it's still very nice to experience some things that are just like they were before, to kind of ground your mind. Knitting was, and still continues to be that thing. When I sit at night knitting away for even just 10 min before having to go to bed, it is incredibly soothing. And on that note, I'm off to do a few rows before bed.

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