Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nordic Knits

Baby Girl in her beautiful knitted dress
This is the first of I'm sure many many posts about my love for the Dale of Norway patterns. I have actually completed one. Yep. That's it. There are 4 more in various stages of completeness, usually I get bogged down in finishing. Perhaps sharing my adventures in 2 color stranded knitting will propel me to finish.

The following baby patterns all are from Dale of Norway - Traditional designs for Baby - you know you have the right book if you see the 18 mo old wearing a jaunty newsboy's cap on the front.

The first is Voss, I made the dress for the baby girl. It's for our Christmas cards. Which even though it's October I need to take pictures of her in, and get going because it's not going to fit forever!  I used 3 balls of red and 1 ball of off-white Dale baby ull.  I was positive I was going to run out of yarn, nope... I even have a bit leftover for potential matching booties!
Don't be fooled by my beautiful even stitches here (go ahead and click it, they look pretty darn good), things aren't always what they seem.  Blocking plays and enormous roll in making these garments look good.  Before they are blocked, this section was a crumpled mess.  But a couple quick hits from the mighty steam iron (very funny bit about the mighty Rowenta in Mason Dixon knitting, a good steam iron is a must have for every knitter) and everything lies flat, and drapes beautifully.  In future postings I can illustrate this much better.  Everyone should give this a try, it's not difficult and makes things that look REALLY difficult, even though I spent 90% of this project using red going round and round and round!
MMM wool

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