Saturday, May 21, 2011

DC Metro Map Quilt!!

Hooray!  It's a quilted DC Metro map!! - Free pattern now available!!

Assembly was great, I'm not an experienced quilter, and this was a great project for me to work on my skills.  I made a pretty simple back.

Then decided to do 1" lines over the top.  I thought about fancier quilting options, but since the colors are pretty involved, simple quilting seemed like a better option.  This time around I used spray adhesive to baste.  WOW, what a great idea that stuff is.  This is by far the nicest thing I've quilted.

I have washed and dried the quilt.  I was SO nervous about colors bleeding.  It just didn't happen.  I used a Shout Color Catcher, which came out white.  It is all crinkly, soft and quilty now.  I could not be more pleased!

It looks great draped on Isabella's playpen!

For my next project, I am going to attempt to make a quilt w/o using 5 sheets of graph paper and lots of designing.  I'm going to feel out the fabric and see what happens.  Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! My 4 year old LOVES all things trains....I may have to "steal" your idea, you know, between projects! hehe

Liz G. said...

Thank you! Your projects are really beautiful. No problem if you borrow the idea, just link back to me so I can see what you have done!