Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Metro Quilt!!

I love subway maps.  I see them as beautiful and functional, and usually very multicolored.  The most successful ones are also very design savvy with clean modern lines.

As I currently live in the metro DC area  (although nowhere near an actual metro stop, at least until 2014 or so when one goes in out here)  I decided to start with this map.  It's not too big, and I'm already pretty familiar with it.

I used lots of rainbow colored fat quarters I bought from Joann.  What's cool is there is lots of leftover fabric, so multiple quilts (or rainbow colored) projects can be made! 

Isabella being helpful
I started with the standard map, and just went from there.  In reality 60% of this project was organization and planning, and 40% sewing.

I cut out all the squares first, so it was easy to just grab the color I needed and keep sewing.

The quilt is comprised of 20 completely different blocks.  This was really fun, I really dislike making the same block over and over.  As I did each block I used my binding clips to hold them to a card to keep everything in order.  It was amazing to see each block go from my drawing to a real thing.

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Jason said...

Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the final product!!