Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Wing it... my circle quilt

I used "Just Wing It" by Moda in this quilt.  I love these fabrics, and I have alot left so expect more!  I took the name to heart and tried to not over plan this quilt.  Each step was considered separately so the quilt would take me somewhere.  I am THRILLED with the final product. 
Each circle is made from a charm square, and is almost 5" in diameter.  I appliqued them on, and then quilted around each circle.  This seemed like an easy but tedious task.  I was completely wrong about that.  It was seriously difficult.  I own a standard sewing machine, and this quilt is about 41x48"... A picture is worth a thousand words here:
As you can see that's the ENTIRE quilt having to pass between the side of the sewing machine and the needle.  To make matters worse, right there is the button you press to stitch backwards, and every time the massive mass of fabric would press it!
My lovely husband, quilt model and stylist.

I put the winged flight large pattern on the back.  It's GORGEOUS!  I felt no need to do any piecing, this is just a fun beautiful back.  I also broke out the spray adhesive again... referring again to the above photo I have no idea how pin basting would survive the amount of crumpling I needed to do to get the quilt around, but the glue did a beautiful job!

I have some photos from before the wash, it's very smooth and pretty and it's easier to see the zig zag quilting I did in the corners.  I *gasp* "stitched in the ditch" for the squares, and around the circles.  It looks fantastic!  I read on some blog somewhere that it's not considered modern to stitch in the ditch, and frankly i'm really terrible at it and my "ditches" aren't lined up all that well making the stitching dubious at times, but i'm super glad I did it.  I put some fun zig-zag in the corners which looks great, I love the look of straight line quilting.

The binding is Penny Lane, and the most perfect stripe ever!  My favorite bindings are stripes! 

Today was a beautiful day!  This is a beautiful quilt!

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