Monday, June 13, 2011


This pattern has been making the rounds on a number of blogs I read.  I then headed over to Simplify, and fell in LOVE with it immediately.  I have enough Just wing it fabric and Central Park from my other quilts this year to make 9 beautiful blocks!  (This made my husband VERY happy)

I have been feeling pretty crappy.  I have poison ivy all over my chin, neck and collarbone.  It's behind my ears, and has just surfaced on the back of my hands... basically I'm itchy and irritated and trying not to give it to the baby.  On top of that something we made on Sunday made my husband and I violently ill.  It's over now, I think it was eggs... but still UGH.  So the completion of the following block made me pretty happy!
Just wing it Tomato w/ Penny Lane Stripe

I'm not totally convinced about the stripe in this particular application... But I'm VERY happy that my first attempt at half square triangles, and flying geese turned out so well!

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