Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sugar Creek and the HST

I'm pretty obsessed with the DS fabrics you can purchase at Joann's Fabrics.  They are nice quality, you can use coupons, and they are something that requires collecting.  I have recently obtained 17 of the 18 prints in her new line, Sugar Creek.  (The 18th is in the mail from Etsy!)

I am a new user of Pinterest, it's super fun, and I ran into some beautiful HST quilts, and then found this tutorial.  I THEN saw this quilt on Fresh Lemons.  Between the two I was decided that my stack of Sugar Creek (with some Picnic's and Fairgrounds that I had leftover from Swoon) would shine beautifully in a pattern like this.

So I cut out a bunch of 9" triangles (I cut out a 9" square, and then cut it in half),  I then got my hands on some Kona Snow which looks nice with this.  At that point I was feeling a little stuck, and I remembered that black and white photographs of fabric help with sorting values.  So I took some pictures and did some sorting.  Ultimately coming up with this arrangement,
Clockwise from top left:  High Contrast, medium contrast, light, medium, dark

In case you're wondering the 18th fabric will be in the dark pile in the lower left corner.
You'll notice in the B&W photo it's easy to see which fabrics blend together and which ones will contrast against each other.  Since I'm pretty sure i'm going to put the white in, ala Fresh Lemon's Parisville, I will now select triangles from 2 different piles to put my blocks together.  This makes my 120 triangles WAY more manageable and much easier to pair up.

Let's get sewing!

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