Friday, February 17, 2012

My Little Valentine

I'm working my way through the Oliver+S little things to sew book.  Next stop - the tutu!



Isabella doesn't really care that much about this stuff yet, but I figured I'll make it now,  and then when she does care and I have to make her a larger tutu, I can!  What's funny is I went to the fabric store, looking to buy 5 colors of tulle, 3/4 of a yard each.  I had Isabella with me, and she was running around and being a huge problem, and the woman cutting was moving (when you're holding down a squirmy toddler) so sloooooww.  I wandered off with the baby to get notions.  When I came back there was some tulle, I grabbed it up and ran out of the store as fast as possible.  Later, I was showing my husband my lovely tulle purchases and griping about how much it had all cost,  I unfolded the fabric and realized she had cut (and charged me) for 3.75 yards each... yeah that's WAY more!  So dilemma, do I make tutu's for everyone we know?  Do I attempt to bring it back?  We had to go back to the fabric store the next day anyway to pick up my aforementioned sewing machine, and I just happened to mention that i had gotten WAY too much fabric and was annoyed with myself for not checking.  The guy behind the counter said, oh, if its more than 3 yards you can return it!! SO I DID!  yay! and got the correct amount of tulle.

Tulle - pale pink, pink, dark pink, orange and yellow

What's unfortunate is the pattern calls for tulle that is 108" wide, and mine was only 54". so it's not as fully as I would like.  But it looks beautiful and the colors are very shimmery in the sunlight.  So lots of pretty pictures of my little Valentine in her pink tutu.


Next stop more little dresses!

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