Monday, February 13, 2012

Return of the Sewing Machine

It's a thing, every now and again the machine needs to go in and be serviced.  It only takes a week (at least where I live) and really shouldn't be a big deal.  WELL IT WAS.  Apparently all it takes for me to be inspired to sew is the loss of my machine, figures, that's how deep the anti-authority issues run, oh you can't sew... OH THAT'S ALL I WANT TO DO!!  - Actually what really happened was the store said "Two weeks", so one week later i went back to buy some fabric figuring I'd get everything cut and ready to go for when the machine got back, after a frustrating morning I got home to a message on the home phone (left while i was AT the fabric store) telling me my machine was ready!

So it's BACK!  Hooray, and as you can see I've been busy creating a wardrobe for my baby out of Kate Spain's "Good Fortune".  Usually when I see a stack of fabric I see a quilt, this time I saw a bunch of baby clothes, so here is round one!
With Elmo
It's a pattern from Heidi and Finn, so cute.  It's a reversible pinafore with an oliver+s bucket hat, a pattern in this book.  They are just the most perfect patterns.  I'm excited to try some more of them!
Dancing!!  (and showing the beautiful back of this pinafore)
As you can see, 1 - 1/2 yard pieces of fabric perfectly accomadated the pieces for one side.

Did I mention both are reversible?
Mommy, are we done with the pics?
Look for a spring wardrobe out of Good Fortune, perfect adorable clothes for adorable girls :)

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