Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Billboard Quilt Along!!!

Elizabeth Hartman is hosting a new quilt along!  Hooray!  I'm so excited.  We are making billboard quilts.  That is a quilt that has big large letters, go see her post it explains it all.  I'm so excited!

As a gift for my baby's first birthday,  I received the ENTIRE collection of Joel Dewberry's Heirloom Fat quarters!!  So pretty!  Anyone who has a baby knows that first birthday is mostly for the parents, and frankly surviving the first year deserves a gift.
So I had a great idea!  One side of the quilt will have something clever on it, appliqued and patchworked... here is my sketch!
Quilt plan for Billboard Quilt
Elizabeth Hartman walks you through creating this chart, I think it would have taken me 2 weeks w/o her instructions, instead it took about 20 min.

The OTHER SIDE will just be a beautiful patchwork of these spectacular fabrics!  I'm going to make the patchwork like the front, and then do the letters as the back, this way I can work both sides at the same time!  Hopefully there will be enough left of my 26 fat quarters to make a scrappy binding.


I was so excited at my plan I got cutting 5.5" squares immediately.  I decided to use the Ruby and Sapphire colorways, saving the Citrine for a lovely throw for my bedroom.

mmmm pretty squares.
This is a conference table from Ikea, it makes a WONDERFUL sewing table :)

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