Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Dress for a Little Girl

That corn cob is from dinner, she appropriated it, and played with it until bedtime.  Yes, she has real toys.  No they aren't as fun as this chewed on corn cob.

I occasionally sew clothes, sometimes for myself, but recently just for Isabella.  Little clothes are enjoyable to make.  They are small and go together quickly.  I can also use crazy print fabric that I probably wouldn't wear myself.
gesturing with corn cob

I made this dress in ONE EVENING!  About 2 hours.  That's right folks, I'm not even that fast it's that easy.  It's a Kwik Sew pattern 3864.  In general I'm all about going to Joann and getting patterns on sale for 99 cents, but I sprung for the $10 Kwik Sew because I had heard good things, and they were all true.  The pattern was in COLOR!  It was on decent paper, the directions were extremely well written and IN COLOR!  I should be able to make this basic dress about 20 times over the next 4 years in a variety of fabrics.  I'm going to try a knit and fleece at some point. 
walking with purpose with corn cob

striding with corn cob

This is a cotton print I purchased at Joann the day after Thanksgiving, and I also got some adorable heart shaped buttons for the back.  I tailored the fit slightly, I made it narrower through the chest and waist, wider in the hips and shorter overall for easier movement.  It's a cinch to fit this thing. 
Demonstrating how easy the dress is for excited running (with corn cob)!

She looks adorable, (hence the ridiculous amount of photos, trust me it's about 1% of what we actually shot of her, she's just so darn cute!) it was super easy, and it's holding up well!

Hooray for successfully finished projects!
Looking at some geese

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