Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Sampler Week 2

So far halfway done!
I LOVE FOUNDATION PIECING!!  It is just about the greatest technique ever invented.  (for quilting)

Here are this weeks three blocks. They are definitely the hardest things I've ever done.  No question, but thanks to foundation/paper piecing, they look perfect!  I'll be honest, they took me awhile, two FULL baby naps, which is forever for one block in my world, but they look fantastic.  I'm definitely not ready to do an entire quilt but practice makes perfect!

I did have a few missteps but I learned from both.  First of all, right sides of fabric together, very important, fortunately I only made this mistake once.  Secondly cut your pieces generously!  I thought the instructions were crazy!  i was going to waste all this fabric!  There is no way you need that much!  - Well actually you do :)  In the end they turned out beautifully and i am thrilled.

Gratituous close ups....
This last block was so difficult, but I think it looks absolutely amazing.  I am so freaking proud!

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