Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farmer's Wife Week 7

Well I forgot to post last week here is week 7  (we're technically on week 8 so look for that later this week.)

My squares aren't that square, but that's OK.  This quilt-a-long is a judgement free zone, and I'm a very new quilter.  I'm really enjoying learning new techniques w/o getting obsessed with perfection.    

I wanted to briefly talk about the templates.  They are really overwhelming to deal with, but I had a cool way of doing it.  I printed them out on card stock.  I hope the author redoes them so there is more than one template per page because there was SO much waste.  I then roughly cut them all out. I then used the adhesive laminating pages, you can get them anywhere, I was able to fit at least 10 templates per set of pages (hence my comment that she could seriously cut down the waste), and then cute them out precisely.  The templates were then put in ziploc baggies, labled 1-10, 11-19 etc...  For easy reference later.  This is a great system!  I hope others can put it to good use :)

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