Friday, September 16, 2011


IMG_0105.jpg This week my family went to the Outer Banks, NC.  This was our first OBX experience, and Isabella's first beach visit!  It is beautiful here.  Absolutely gorgeous. 

As pretty as the sunny days are I like cold blustery days at the ocean almost as much.  The colors are beautiful, she sea is really rough there is something so relaxing about it.
My baby girl is fearless.  She really is.  I was expecting her to run into the water, dive in and start body surfing the first min of the first day.  (Yes, she is 1 and yes that might be unreasonable).  As it turns out she HATES sand.  HATES HATES HATES.  She would cry and scream and pout and pull up her little legs and refuse to walk.  She wouldn't go in the ocean or play in the waves because of the sand.   This made me sad, since I love the beach and the ocean and she is an active baby and needs to run around and even though I brought 2 large blankets, this sand issue needed to be resolved.  Our 2nd night we wandered into a souvenir shop and purchased her a itty bitty pair of red Crocs.  WELL these were magic shoes!  Suddenly she was running towards the waves!  Playing with them and having the time of her life.  She would run and play and pick up shells and sticks until she begged to be picked up and then would promptly fall asleep in your arms.  It was so cute and wonderful.  Amazingly enough by day 5 she was testing the sand with her bare feet.  As long as she could hold one of her bright red shoes she was OK, by the end of day 5, our last beach day she was digging in the sand, making large piles and running away from us into the waves chest deep.
With her shoe in hand, she considers stepping into the soft sand.
I haven't done any real projects, it's vacation!  I have been sketching up a storm and hopefully will have some cool new things to show you.  This trip has really re-charged my creative batteries.

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