Sunday, September 4, 2011

Billboard Quilt W-A-R-M

Remember this quilt along?

Yep I'm still working it!  Just wanted to have some actual progress before i started throwing pics up :)  I hope to have all the letters done this week. 
I'm about halfway done with the letters for this quilt.  I'm VERY glad I chose something simple to write.  To be honest, each letter is going faster and faster, but the part in the process where i have to cut out 40 tiny shapes that are weird sizes is SO TEDIOUS.  It's the worst, it makes me angry it's so boring.  That's why I only do one letter a day :)  It's totally weird, because the farmer's wife blocks are MUCH smaller and normally have way more pieces and I enjoy cutting them out.  So it makes no sense, but one letter a day seems to be my pace.

What's funny is the "M" I picked the colors as i was cutting it out instead of picking them upfront, and I was totally positive this would be not a strong letter.  NOPE!  It's my favorite!

So here we are on Kona Eggplant.   The final backdrop!  I haven't appliqued yet.  Just makin' letters.


Don't forget the back is already in progress.  This pretty quilt should be coming together very soon.  I'm still at a complete loss at the quilting, but I find that after the quilt sandwich has been made something always comes to me.

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