Sunday, September 18, 2011


is my enemy.  It is.  While I was pregnant, and then when I was making milk I was reasonable with sugar, but in no way went "crazy".  Well. maybe when I first got home from the hospital with my baby I was definitely eating a jumbo pack of oreos every few days.  So my milk production is finished now, and i'm realizing that amazing metabolism that I enjoyed for a year is gone. *sniff*.  I'm not looking for sympathy, more like accountability.  Also some understanding if this blog gets a *tiny* bit cranky over the next week :)

Lizzy House is doing a juice cleanse.  That is seriously hardcore.  I'm just cutting processed foods, sugar and white flour.  I am also going to do Pilates again, OH and try and take a walk, with the baby in a stroller (when she walks with me we don't go very far very fast and we need to stop alot and look at bits on the ground).

So we're back from OBX, which was teriffic and I hope we can get back there next year.  It's time for me to start quilting again!  This week I have some farmer's wife to catch up on, some 100 quilts for kids tops to make and a NEW project to start!  YEP it was designed while relaxing on the beach, I actually designed a bunch of quilts (while eating oreos...)  I realized that designing w/o looking at fabric or any constraints at all is incredibly liberating.  I am really excited about my next batch of original quilts.

I will leave you with yet another cute beach shot, I love my little honey :)
Shoot!  That's my water in the sand!

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