Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Billboard Quilt Along.. the back

So I cut out 130 5.5" squares, and I started arranging them and thought I would do the ENTIRE back with 5" squares with 1/2" sashing; Kona Eggplant 1/2" sashing to be specific.
arty shot :)  same strips
I started sewing the strips together, after 10 strips of 10 squares I got BORED.
arty shot again :)
I decided to just make a big block of 10x10 and then just put some Eggplant around, like a pretty stained glass window. So I've still got some strips:)
100 5.5" squares.   in strips...
Then I took this picture, and now I'm wondering if i want to go another direction entirely. :)
Strips of squares that will be the back of my bilboard quilt

Luckily it's time to start making the letters on the front so this can chill out, marinate.
pile o' strips for the back of the bilboard quilt

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