Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Sampler Top FINISHED!

Today after Isabella and I took our morning walk, I decided it was time to photograph the top of my Summer Sampler!  She as always was incredibly helpful.  The weather here in NoVA (earthquake notwithstanding) has been glorious this week and we've been really taking advantage of it.
Summer Sampler Top Done
I first sashed all the blocks in Kona white with 2.5" sashing... This was required because the blocks were vastly different sizes, I then cut them all to 14.5x14.5 This looked amazing. I have never cut blocks down to make them the same, and they all looked incredible.

Next I added 2" sashing in between them to connect them all together. I used a method just casually mentioned to me by Kate of SwimBikeQuilt, she told me to measure my area to be sashed, cut the sashing to fit and then MAKE SURE IT FITS! WELL, I had always jsut worked with big long strips and sewed them on. This apparently is a terrible idea because when you actually measure and make it fit, things turn out SQUARE! So this is the most rectangular thing I have ever made. It is only 1" off from side to side,and that's only on one side, the other dimension is perfect! THANK YOU KATE!
Summer Sampler Top Done
Incidentally Kate (and all of us in the Modern DC Quilt Guild) are starting the 100 quilts for kids project.  Note the button on the side of the blog ->  Please take time to check it out and even participate!  Goodness knows we all have stacks of quilts lying around (well I actually only have 3) and could easily take some time to whip one up for someone else.
Summer Sampler Top
I am extremely excited to quilt this up. I have some neat ideas and i'm jazzed to try them out.
Unfortunately I'm feeling uncreative about the back, so I'm not sure that will be all that excting, but
hopefully it will be finished soon and ready for snuggling!

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