Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Sampler and a 13 mo old baby


I know!! 13 MONTHS I can't even believe it.  Firstly, she is such a big girl, she was so small last year and now she is running and babbling and secondly, we've only had her for 13 months!  It seems unbelievable that she was never with us, when in reality my husband and I were without children for the first 6 years of our relationship!


So the quilt... I LOVE IT!  The quilting is blocks is bias lines that are 3/4" apart.  There are seven in a pack, then about 6.5" later I repeated.  The effect is that the center of every block has a diamond of 36 blocks.  It looks so fantastic on the blocks, it highlights them and conceals mistakes at the same time!  There is also a grid in the squares inbetween it all looks amazing!  I did the quilting during hurricane Irene (which for us was just a windy rainstorm).



The back is white flannel which is incredibly snuggly and some scraps that I arranged.  They are 5" wide and just whatever fit!  I think it looks fresh and modern and the quilting sets it off nicely. 

I wanted the binding to be Loulouthi as well, but the acquisition of the fabric in question was going to be time consuming and expensive so I went for this cheery coral polka dot!  It is super cute.


I have already taken a nap under this blanket.  It worked VERY well.   As you can see kitties find it suitable for naps as well.


Lyanna L. said...

Love your quilt - so fun! I really like your quilting and the idea of using white flannel on the back is so smart -- makes it so cuddly soft! =)

The Thompsons said...

It looks beautiful! Nice job.

Shanley said...

Love your quilting choice on this one!