Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finished Swoon!

My Mom and I started this quilt the last week in June (2011).  It was the first quilt she had ever made, and I'm certainly a novice myself.  We both fell in love with the pattern, and she is a big fan of red, white and blue fabrics.   The DS line from Joann fit our needs perfectly.  (I have a ton left for sale in my Etsy Store)

After the top and back were finished, I ordered some super warm Dream in Cotton Batting.  This stuff is so fluffy and WARM.  It's cold here in upstate NY and warm batting is required.  It also gave the quilt a puffier finish which appealed to my Mom.

I drew straight lines in a diagonal grid, and we split the quilting, again her first time....  We then followed the most excellent tutorial on Red Pepper quilts to make the binding.  It is practically like magic, it works perfectly every single time!  My Mom then did the last round of hand sewing and VOILA a beautiful quilt for her bedroom. 

We are both feeling pretty proud of this endeavor.

The back was a collaborative effort, I thought it would be cool to make a "really big" swoon block.  I got out some graph paper to try some color options, I wanted to use more than just two fabrics, in the end we settled on four different colors, and used on additional flying geese unit on each side.  The square measures 4'x4' and almost five feet after the borders around it were put on.  The remainder of the back was my Mom's favorite large print from the DS line.

The plan now is to make some coordinating shams for her bed.  We have a tentative design, and we'll see how it all works out!  This really is a fantastic project!


cnydalynn said...

I saw this on Camille's blog (the creator of the swoon pattern) and loved it. I actually pinned the big block.... I love this! I think I want to do this because I have a king bed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Great job. So can I beg you to give me your measurements or at least how much you enlarged it?

great job to you and your mom!

Liz G. said...

Sure! Thank you for asking!

The individual component blocks are normally 3", so we made them 6", everywhere it said "3" put a 6, so 6.5, 6.875 etc... For the flying geese which I believe were 3x6 finished we did 6x12. The finished square is 48", and what's great is if you use a half yard the cut chart stays exactly the same!

So if you wanted for a king sized bed you could go EVEN bigger! Say replace all the 3's with an 8! that would give you a 64" square! How cool would that be, your flying geese would then be 8"x16" finished!

I'm not sure how big the top of a king sized bed is, but you could get very close with one HUGE swoon!

I'm so happy she included me on her the blog :)