Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Liz - Fun Hurricane Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday!  Hooray!  My wonderful husband got me THIS!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 

He also made me steak and fries for dinner with a red wine sauce, and brownies for dessert. MMMMM.  It was a great day

Having a birthday at the end of August typically means there is a hurricane somewhere, and occassionally there is some rain from a hurricane, but this year, (supposedly) we are a bit closer to the path.  We live about 40 miles outside DC, and I think it's going to be drizzling and windy.  Nevertheless we have put the deck furniture away.

What is funny is yesterday was a nice day, and before we went to the store (really to just get stuff we're low on...) I made sure to spray baste my Summer Sampler quilt!  Yep!  It has to be done outside when it's light out, and ideally my husband is there to help me.  So it's ready to be quilted.  I figured i'd be home all weekend and wanted to get that going.  No pics because the back design is a surprise :)

I spent the morning today making Barefoot Contessa Panzanella.  Delicious.   I bet she was evacuated from the Hamptons.  Oh well.  I'm enjoying her recipes to ride out this storm in style :)

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suemac said...

What a great gift. I am a fellow FWQAler.