Sunday, August 21, 2011

ikea quilts

I love ikea fabric. It's 48" wide and comes in 3yd hunks for about $6. The colors are really bright and fun, and I think perfect for new baby quilts.
Twin Ikea quilts, chilling on the porch
These two are for my friend who just had identical twin boys. Yep. How neat is that! Babies require almost and infinite amount of blankets, so I think these will make a wonderful gift to be used as a blanket or play mat or whatever!
The front is the fun hippo print combined with a big wide stripe that I cut into triangles and sewed together to make that nifty concentric square thing happen. I'm thinking of posting a tutorial on how to make that work every time. It's a great way to make striped fabric really work for you.
flannel and hippo backs!
The back is a bright fun flannel with just a band of the hippo print. The binding is another stripe. I attempted to machine on this binding, but frankly it took as long as it would to hand sew it. I will continue to work on this skill, but i'm not in "love" with how the machined on binding looks, and I really like the last moments with my quilts before they are finished, quietly hand sewing. It provides closure.
Twin ikea quilts enjoying a lazy summer afternoon
As you can see the quilts then took a trip around my neighborhood. I am always looking for fun new ways to photograph my projects. Especially during the nice warm months!
watching the fountain in the grass

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